I absolutely love being a photographer in Asheville, NC. Not only do you get some of the city atmosphere, but you also get the beauty of the mountains of Western North Carolina right at your back door.

I drive home from work using the Blue Ridge Parkway and every day I am amazed by the beautiful scenery.

I took these two photographs a few days ago on my drive home. Each day I drive past this little hill with this tree on it. For some reason the  composition of this tree and hill really seem to stand out to me each time I drive by them.

On this particular day, it had been raining all day. But, on my drive home the sun decided to break through the clouds and provided a great back drop for my little tree and hill. I decided to stop and take advantage of the beautiful light, and I am so happy I did. I ended up with two amazing photos that really describe the beauty of this particular place on the Blue Ridge Parkway!